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"Legends of the Dark Knight #8" Plot Summary

Writer:  Paul Tobin, Ricardo Sabchez
Artist: Tradd Moore, Sergio Sandoval
Release date: 5/1/2013

Summary by Anthony Feinman


In the Batcave, Batman disguises himself as a typical detective. He arrives at a crime scene and crosses the police line to investigate a kidnapping/disappearance. In this particular case, a mother and child in stroller have been taken. In their place, a carved wooden replica has appeared. More cases start appearing around Gotham of other people being kidnapped and replaced by wooden replicas. The only viable clue that Batman can ascertain is that fact that each incident can be seen from the last incident.

On patrol, Batman spies a van unloading a wooden statue of a woman. He attacks the unloaders and interrogates one of them. He learns that the unloaders know nothing about the kidnappings as they are only paid to place the statues around town. They are paid via money drop so their buyer is known to them.

At a party Bruce Wayne is throwing, he is approached by two woman who start a conversation with him about art. One of the females makes a statement about art having inner meaning which causes Bruce to disappear and leave his guests without a moments warning.

Batman arrives at the Carver Gallery and happens upon Benjamin Carver surrounded by his own wooden carvings. Benjamin pulls a gun on Batman. He explains his reason for the abductions is the death of his own wife and daughter. Since the city turned them in wood via their coffins, he plans to do the same for the citizens of Gotham. Batman is able to take Benjamin down and has Commissioner Gordon look for the hostages next to Benjamin's family's graves.

Unnatural Selection

Commissioner Gordon is investigating a homicide where the victim was torn apart via claws and bite marks. He brings Batman in on the investigation. Commissioner Gordon think that the attacker could be Killer Croc. Batman finds a tooth and believes that it came from an animal. He tests the DNA and rules out Killer Croc even though the results are inconclusive. The DNA has traces of black bear, vulture, alligator and varies other species. Batman leaves the scene to visit Dr Roads.

Batman enters into Dr. Roads apartment via his bedroom window thus waking up the doctor. Dr Roads wakes up confused that someone is after him. Is it the Joker? Batman confirms that no one is after him. He has just come to investigate a burglary Dr Roads reported a few weeks ago. Dr Roads takes Batman to the crime scene to investigate. Down in a vault, Dr Roads has a collection of crypto-taxidermy animals from fictitious origins. The pride of Dr Roads collection, the Barghest, was the piece that was stolen. Batman asks him where he originally obtained the piece. Dr Roads tells him that he had it specially made by Joel Garfield. Batman leaves Dr Roads to do more investigating.

At the home of Joel Garfield, a potential buyer comes knocking at his door. Garfield reluctantly lets the man in to look over his various pieces he has for sale. The buyer looks over the pieces but wants a piece much like the one he sold to Dr Roads. Garfield gets mad at the buyer and kicks him at of his home. As the buyer walks away, he radio's Alfred back at the Batcave. The buyer is Batman in disguise.

A couple take a stroll in the middle of the night and are attacked by a massive beast. Batman intervenes and incapacitates the beast and drives it away but not before it injures the male human of the couple. Batman tells Alfred to track the beast via a tracker that he placed on it during their battle.

Batman returns to the Batcave and both he and Alfred watch for the signal. However, the signal is eventually lost. Batman believes that the signal is lost due to the creature entering the sewer. Alfred is able to help him narrow it to a local high school that has a large storm drain running underneath the building. Alfred locates a special item for him to take to help subdue the beast.

At Harding High School, Batman enters through the storm drain that leads into the school. As he enters through a hole in the wall, he discovers a massive amount of dead animals strung upside with their blood being drained. He moves on and locates a room with a large table and an ancient Babylonian text referencing a pit. Could it be the Lazarus Pit? As Batman examines a jar, Garfield enters the road and commands Batman to put the jar down. Batman asks what's in the jar to which Garfield replies nothing more than taxidermy supplies. Batman deliberately drops the jar to reveal a snake with wings and a bird's beak. Batman tells Garfield that playing around with the Lazarus pit is dangerous. Garfield explains that he was unsuccessful with the Lazarus pit but was able to make his own concoction that works better. Batman then confronts the beast that he encountered previously. They battle until Batman releases the weapon that Alfred supplied him with subduing the creature. Garfield tries to comport his creation but is attacked by the beast. It escapes again causing Batman to again chase after it leading him to another beast. The other beast turns out to be the one that Batman had fought with previously. One is male while the other female. They are both mates. Batman brings them both back to the Batcave and keeps them alive having not made a decision on whether or not to put them down or let them live.

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