Wednesday, July 24, 2013

"Batman Incorporated #11" Plot Summary

Writer:  Chris Burnham
Artist: Jorge Lucas
Release date: 5/22/2013

Summary by Anthony Feinman

A gang of female motorcyclist are terrorizing downtown Tokyo. All the woman are busty and helmeted. As one motorcyclist gets off her bike to rip out the tongue of a spectator as another biker chick chides her companion for getting blood on her skintight uniform. The two women begin to fight among each other as the police enter the scene. One police officer unloads a few rounds into one of the female's helmeted head to no avail. As we discover that the uniforms are bulletproof, one officer calls over their radio for the Bat Alarm.

Meanwhile, Canary and Jiro are having a date at a restaurant. Canary remarks that it's nice being in a restaurant that is her size. She is, in reality, only seven inches tall. We soon discover that both heroes are experiencing a virtual reality program as the alarm causes them to return to reality. The duo rush towards their "bat cave" and use a transmutation device to convert into their costumes of Japanese Batman and his sidekick Canary.

The reign of the biker chicks continues as Batman and Canary make the scene. Remarks and taunts are thrown from either side including a reference to Pink Ranger's Silicone sisters to Canary's sexual conquests due to her vagina being like Doctor Who's Tardis. Canary uses her canary cry on the chicks with no success. As Batman tries to defend his sidekick's honor, one of the biker chicks removes his utility belt and accidentally activates his riot foam. Batman tries knifing one the biker chicks helmets off but it seemly grown back. He is eventually disabled as the riot foam closes around his person trapping him and Canary. Canary, caught in the riot gear uses her canary cry to destroy some of the nearby biker chick's bikes. The biker chicks escape and tell the duo that this is not over.

Back at the Bat cave, Batman and Canary try to triangulate the biker's chicks destination via local YouTube postings and any electronic recording devices. They also discuss that the chicks seem to be wearing suits made out of nano-technology.

Both the heroes travel in the Batmobile in hopes of locating where their villains went. There calculations lead them to an exit ramp to nowhere.

The biker chicks return to their master's lair of Lady Tiger Fist to hand off their stolen item of a Neutron Probe. Lady Tiger Fist is surrounded by two tigers hopes that this newly acquired item will get Leviathan to acknowledge their group as a vital member of the "python coil of its empire".

Batman has Canary use her canary cry to perfect pitch and resonate the location of the hidden lair. Her cry brings it to visible spectrum. An alert goes off as the biker chicks and their master discover they are no longer cloaked. The biker chicks exit their hideout and confront Batman and Canary. Batman and Canary use darts to puncture the biker chicks helmets disabling their nano-technology. Underneath their helmets, the biker chick's faces are deformed due a to biking accident via helmet implants. Batman convinces the biker chicks to turn against their master.

Batman, Canary, and the biker chicks attacked Lady Tiger Fist. Lady Tiger Fists unleashes her tigers by removing their heads to reveal that they are robots in disguise. Canary uses her iphone to take a picture of Lady Tiger Fist which angers the female villain. Lady Tiger Fist has one of her tiger's heads swallow and eat Canary. The tiger head spits Canary out and Lady Tiger Fist steps on her killing her. Batman attacks Lady Tiger Fist only to have his arm and head severed off by a tiger head. All looks lost as it is soon discovered the events that took place were in a virtual simulation. Lady Tiger Fist had been captured by Canary when she uses her phone to shot a snapshot of her trapping her in the phone.

As Jiro and Canary return to their virtual date, the scene cuts off the last moment of issue ten (previous issue) where Bruce Wayne/Batman has injected himself with man bat serum, is wearing the Suit of Sorrows as well as a battle exoskeleton and attacking Talia in Gotham City.

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